Chum bucket of things

Which other way would I put that clear. I have had my way around several cartoons and yes got hooked on Sponge Bob a while ago and was impressed and then depressed and again impressed. Heck I am not here to discuss that here. But  yes I borrow the the Chum Bucket from this animation, cartoon to serve as a symbolic title.

Plankton is a character in the cartoon fore mentioned and whether you like it or not, something about his character and Chum Bucket that speaks volumes about humanity.

” Plankton, is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. Although usually an antagonist, he is frequently shown as a protagonist or an antihero… Plankton is the nemesis, but former best friend, of Mr. Krabs.[2] He operates the Chum Bucket,[3] located directly across the street from Krabs’ restaurant, the Krusty Krab.” Wikipedia

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That well put, Life is about competition especially in the business world, among friends and any sphere lucrative or not. Have you ever wondered why your buddies may wish to be the ones to stand out when there is a beautiful girl? Or lets say want to prove they can be the ones to perform a daring task. They wish to Plankton a bit! Not sure if it is the same way with girls towards males. Given that we undoubtedly leave in a patriarchal world even if a feminist is somewhere there speaking. I won’t go there.

I passed a market in Wandegeya (Kampala, Uganda in case you are not from here) and saw good business going on. Kiosks selling fast foods and more. Its about 9 pm and these people compete to have a person by from them anything; the fried chicken, cassava, rolex and more. The market is located a few meters from the prestigious Makerere University. the target consumers are students. The vendors speak in all sorts of poetry to have one buy at least a chicken thigh. Competition! Competition!

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I am sure some of the people in this market might be good o’l friends and now working in the same place. Back to Plankton, competition often comes that way. I am sure you may be in position to interpret that business isn’t done the way Chum Bucket is ran. You have to have the secret formula like The Krusty Krab, and be of quality as regards service delivery. The persona in Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman is asked where her secret lies. And in life when we prosper that question is asked or even contemplated.

Even in your love life, a relationship can seem to be competitive if you don’t leave the chum bucket of things you will be left out. I am simply thinking, we are all born Planktons and yet have to live to harmonize and favor each other. Competition or let me say Plankton is necessary and we have to learn from it.

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