Don’t Play With Fire

Growing up was fun

I swear if life recoils like  a gun

I would keep doing that just for fan

But it is blown by a wind not of a fun


I remember when I was little

I would like to play with things that brittle

It was like my early childhood motto

Never won the lotto but destroying things made  me feel

Feel like a winner


This one day I am served a cup of porridge

Bro, I rush for it

Add more sugar

Thinking of no one but me

And didn’t listen to Mummy

Whatever she said I cared ‘Bout me

Not Until it burnt me that I thought of him,

My brother the one she told me to share with

From that day  I realized…


My brother he was a bully

He would certainly bully me

One night we have no electricity

I am playing with the candle

He knows it burns

But for me it was child’s child’s play!

I put my hand above the candle

I feel a warm sensation

“Its nice to receive this warmth on a cold night”

Where he came from I don’t recall

But I wept all night

for i had burnt my palm from the candle light

From that day I realized that…


Don’t play with fire cause it burns

And i learned to be Careful.

More  Careful


Featured Image from Animateonline


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