Nice to see People step out of the Box

I was happy to see a friend of mine explore what I had never seen her explore, at least in my presence.

This one day at campus we have a class on Literature methods, where a number of groups had to present on various topics. I won’t dwell on the topics as such but what I was in for that day. Every girl that I never imagined to do some things actually did. There is this one girl who always wore trousers and I remember daring her one time to at least wear one, in fact a more short one. (No intentions- She was a short girl and i thought that was exact). Though I am not a fashion person especially for the ladies, but I trust my eye.

As if that wasn’t enough, another friend who actually was so close to me; emerged or rather let me say came in my sight. She was smart, and shockingly had this maroon lipstick on! This is something I hear never seen her wear. Lets call her Angel – Angel had never wore lipstick for as long as i recall. I was in for surprises this day. I noticed she changed ear rings from the usual small gold or silver pins, she did prefer larger pins. She wore a navy blue dress, with the top being navy blue and the bottom having white stripes and navy blue ones. I was impressed, I was startled. Many of the other girls also nailed it.

I had to admit to her, with just my smiles and she was to some point aware it was her make up that had me looking her so much. Truth be told I was happy she  had  stepped out of the box. And am not saying she was confined, but I think its me who actually was in a box. I felt like yeaah! Oh Yeah! anything is possible, don’t presupposed what a person is capable. Angel has been a smart girl always i repeat ALWAYS!

What I made of this is that, stepping out as a free person needs no one’s approval and surprise the world by coming out when you choose to.  The box can be an assumption we have on what one can and can’t. You ever had some one say, “She can’t do it” or “He? Come on!”

Featured Image from Mgrush


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