To A Dolphin 1.0

What do you want, a house

A diamond or a guitar

or to live and be my intellectual cheetah?

Significance of signification

Emotion of emotions

Angels of angels

You have flaws, I see them

Damn, you have seen many of mine

I know you a ten even when you give a nine

You are not mine – you are ours

All those who love thee

You so gracious you tolerate me.

I could start me a family but you see I have no Tree

And Its a trinity

It is a trinity, You, I and Us.

Though not against the world.

Till I am bald, I will forever be bold to tell you

How much I love you

how much you mean to me.

Who ever tamed a dolphin?

Where ‘am from we have none!

And yet you are one.

You are so OVO

October’s Very Own like Graham Aubrey

Like a band I wish to sing for you

to make music for you like The fray or Racheal Kay

Now you came to the world in your hue

And every year you get anew

So intelligent like an agent of intellect.

You, that I do select not like garments

And yet, your grace I embrace and wear

I am no soldier but would risk to dare

Oh my you care,

I like how you stare

Grisly or bear you threaten the Panda

And yet you are just a dolphin not e’nkoko e’mpanga

Lord please 100 more candles

No matter how waxy we get

Let us stay in tune not to forget

who we are

I told you, the female version of me

For today Happy BIRTHDAY.


By Ayella NuveySHAWN Robert

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