Sunday Winding with Classical Music – An Opera Evening Made!

Thinking of the one that got away or the times when you would chill with the boys and grab a few (Water or the beer) – whatever takes the evening down – I do get Opera-ish. I am a strong hip hop fan ad lover but again I love music so much you know. I am the type who says they love music and listen to just about anything that is nice. Am never subdued to particular sounds – to contradict my self a little hip hop comes in handy ( I actauly blog about hip hop at NuveyLive).

Not with the boys and the rest of my friends and not like i was really expecting any of them. Just spending the evening reading various blogs like BayArt (which I Should admit are becoming a favorite), Consequence of Sound and other random posts from reader. I like this with the music on.

My playlist, is never planned everything is on shuffle like the real essence of life sometimes. Till I hear one performance of the MIT Symphony Orchestra and decide to just listen to the collection – An Opera Evening. What a coincidence? May be not!

I have always loved this orchestra, filled with so much varying performance energy. From the rhyme parked  I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General to the Melancholic L’incoronazione di Poppea, Pur Ti Miro (Monteverdi)  and my favorite from the movie  The Great Gatsby.  I so much love the movie whose soundtracks are so much well executed.

Being lonely ( I must admit) Waiting (Harbison) as I said is a favorite used in The Great Gatsbyas a soundtrack,  got me feeling like am expecting something to come my way. Feeling empty at different scores, my nerves get relaxed through this one hour and seventeen minutes run of bold sounds.


I replay each track in the respective order and I get the satisfaction of unexplainable adoration and mind exhilarating screams of women’s and the mens equal effort. Opera’s are not a common thing were am from, we normally interact with them in movies as soundtracks or scenes. I chose to attend mind in the comfort of my bed room-  playing music off the laptop, typing this post after the experience was more comforting. Lately I have had a temperament issue and a break down – I think am back at my blogging.

Felt empty for a while and longing for the unknown for quite a long time; these emotions from the MIT Symphony Orchestra assured me of a good life,low spirits can be lifted. With a cup of tea besides me I end with a few letters of my digital ink saying – Music matters, emotions need transference, and I hope to get suggestions from you about how to make an opera evening at home more enjoyable.

Listen and Tell Me, An Opera Evening

Note: An Opera Evening by MIT Symphony Orchestra is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.



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